Exit Strategy Planning and Execution.

Every business owner faces the issue of how to exit the business he/she has nurtured and grown. Planning for this inevitable event will not only maximize the value received for the business (which doesn’t necessarily mean $’s), but will also help meet the personal objectives of the business owner(s) including continuation of the business, family goals, retirement and tax planning.

Successful exit strategies require considerable planning. Some of the steps involved include creating an independent board of directors, upgrading financial reporting systems and controls, managing the company’s expenditures to maximize earnings used in valuations, exploring revenue growth options, streamlining internal operations, and fine-tuning your company's strategy, the same steps required to build a successful company. There are clear differences in financial outcomes based upon the path chosen which are summarized in the chart below.

As your CFO On-Demand, we can guide you through the process of developing an exit plan as well as executing the chosen strategy. We can also assist in aligning your business with eligible targets to and professionals to pave the road to a successful exit.